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Signs a Girl Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It

Signs a Girl Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It

Girls are naturally shy and usually do not make the first move. It is important for guys to look for signs suggesting that a girl is falling for them. Sometimes, those signs can be so subtle that it is easy to miss them. But, if you are ready for dating and looking for a partner, honing your flirting skills will always help. Knowing if a girl likes you secretly will also make it easier for you to plan your response.

Irrespective of how inconspicuous a girl thinks she is, there are always ways to tell if she has a crush on you.

  • She shows interest in things you love. She makes an extra effort to get to know you better and show interest in things you like or care about.
  • She is always there and ready to help you with anything. That is usually true when one of your female colleagues has a crush on you. She does not mind giving you a helping hand to finish your projects on time. She likes to care for you and offers assistance in whatever way she can. It shows her liking for you and her desire to spend more time with you.
  • She does not start the conversation but gets excited when you do. Her shyness will keep her from making the first move, but she would never ignore your advances. Do not expect her to be talkative, but if she looks interested while you are speaking, take it as a sign that she is into you.
  • She loves it when you crack a joke. Does she laugh at your silly jokes? Take it as a strong sign because you find jokes funnier when you are in love – blame it on happy brain chemicals, guys!
How to Tell If a Girl Likes You over Text

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You over Text

It is relatively easier to tell a girl is interested when you two meet in person, but it can be challenging when you two are interacting over text messaging. Many of the best dating sites have simplified the matchmaking process and give you enough opportunities to learn how to behave when messaging. However, it all comes down to subtle signals your potential dating partner sends while having a conversation. For instance:

First Mover

She does not mind texting you first, as she likes to initiate a conversation and talk about anything, even if that is not directly related to dating. She even does not mind sending you a text for no reason whatsoever.

Quick Response

Know that your dating partner likes you if she wastes no time to respond to your message. As she is always waiting for you to say something, she will be quick to pounce on any opportunity to strike up a conversation with you.


Does she look unstoppable when it comes to texting you? Do not just think she is clingy and needy; it also means she feels happy texting you.

Emojis for Help

She may be in love with you if you find many cute and sometimes sexy emojis in her text messages. It is especially true if she never uses those emojis when texting other people. No doubt, she is flirting with you only.

A Teaser

She likes to tease you over text to make it clear that she is interested in dating you. Do not be surprised if she gives you a teasing nickname. If you are ready for dating as well, tease her back, and your sexual chemistry will skyrocket for sure.


She is ready to be your dating partner when she hardly waits for your message and sends a second message right after sending the first one.

Personal Queries

Does she seem a bit too interested in knowing about your personal life? These are not normal "getting to know you" questions and are often signs she would not mind dating you.

Personal Talker

It is a good sign suggesting she is looking for a dating opportunity is when she talks easily about her personal life over text. It shows her comfort level with you.

Attention Seeker

Does she always say "I'm your friend also" while having a conversation? Do not think she is trying to "friend-zone" you, as it is a way of finding your attention and becoming part of your life.

Date Finder

If she ends her conversation by convincing you to meet in person, know that she is the girl who is serious about dating you.

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