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About is a dating site that has is overwhelmed with personals of singles profile that is always available for hookups and relationships. It is a site dedicated to bringing many singles willing to start a relationship, hookups, casual friendship, or flirt with other singles. Overview is designated to give room for sexual arousal and fantasies for many singles from different places worldwide, irrespective of their location. On, you have many singles who are always active and are ready to start relationships. With many singles around you online, you are sure not to have a boring moment.

Pros of

No dating sites grow to have millions of users if there is nothing that keeps attracting them. To make the best place to be, it has put in place some things for users. Among them are:

Provision of exclusive Scruff Travel Features

All users data are permanently saved in the Cloud

Phones that do not support the play store can still use it by downloading SCRUFF directly and install.

Cons of

To every kind of advantage in life, there would be disadvantages besides it. This is why also has side effects to using the app

The sudden crashing of the gay dating app.

Free members most times face sudden ads on their screens.

Pop-ups can be a great disturbance for free users.

Sign-up Process

To sign up as a new member of, you need first to launch SCRUFF on your device, go to settings, follow the instructions and upload a profile that shows your interest, picture, email address, age, location, and other things. One of the easiest things on is registration. It is a dating site guided by some laws on the types of pictures acceptable on the member's profile. Among these are nude pictures or see-through clothes such as wet clothes, nets, or other revealing outfits. Also, no picture is allowed with a suggestive erotic pose or touching the sexual parts indiscriminately.

Members and Profiles

Since 2010 that Scruff was established, it has become a happening ground for many singles who are no longer comfortable with their normal boring life. It was initially launched in the US, but today, it has become a global app that everyone knows about. It proudly boasts of having over 12 million online users from over 180 countries of the world. With these achievements, it is impossible not to be hooked up on because many active users are always on for a new catch daily. Being around singles of different age grades helps in building self-confidence and awareness.

Safety, on no account, would not allow any registration of underage as specified by the laws guiding all countries. Also, there is no room for displaying drugs on a profile picture, carriage of weapon, blood, or unacceptable gestures. No form of harassment of members is allowed, no blurry photos, pictures of landscape or animals. Apart from that, there is no room for using a profile to promote, advertise, or solicit anything from the public. If you have any event coming up, get notified. Another means of securing users' interest is email verification to prevent anyone from using pretenses or impersonating another person to perpetrate any unlawful activity on the site. reviews has many singles ready to start an online relationship, chat, hookup, and flirt makes getting personals of singles easy because you can never run out of men and women there can never be a dull moment on the site. Different messages will keep coming from members daily about who has developed an interest in your profile.'s sole aim is to make sure that all members enjoy a maximum security level that is almost impossible on any dating site.

With, you have the experience of fantasy you have never had in life. Everyone is treated equally without bias or favoritism, and also, anyone can spark conversation via messages if there is any interest in your profile. Feel free and relax around everyone because it helps to overcome any form of fear and intimidation.

Cost and Prices

To be one of the beneficiaries of, you are to make your registration based on subscription. Our subscription can be either monthly or yearly scheduled, depending on your choice. The scruff pro is purchased at USD 19.99. The payment for your pro will be charged to your iTunes account when your purchase has been confirmed.

Free Features

With free features on, you can have access to add a note to any profile that you like; you have the opportunity of adding any profile photo you have an interest in your device. You can disable any unimportant alerts, promotions, or announcements on your privacy settings. Aside from that, it can be used to disable Ads and other things free features offer.

Paid Features

The paid features enable you to have a higher level of access available on free features. Among these are using the "stealth mode" to activate your privacy for maximum safety. The match mode helps you use a photo swipe for singles interested in having a relationship. The use of "Insight" enables you to see statistics based on members' towards others within the dating app. Also, the use of "Woof" helps members show interest in "woofing" as a means of alternate choice to send them a direct message. These, among other things, are what you enjoy on paid features.


Who owns

Skandros and Eric Silverberg. These two were determined to give a dating platform that answers to all.

Is it Legit?

Yes, it is legit. It has been successfully used by many.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes, it is safe and secure. Chats are encrypted, and you can block or report people as you choose.

Experts' Conclusion is the ideal dating site for singles that are interested in relationships or friendship. It is a site that protects its members in their best capacities and gives the best services and opportunities. By joining the site, you will get out of boredom, make friends among single men and women, build relationships, and live a happy life.

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