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Get to Know Questions to Ask on a Dating Site for Success

Get to Know Questions to Ask on a Dating Site for Success

While the best dating sites have certainly simplified the game by making it easy to swipe right/left or "heart" someone, you cannot make your mark without knowing how to strike up a conversation. As you will be meeting people for the first time, it is important to know about their tastes, opinions, etc. Knowing what questions to ask on a dating site can make hookups a bit less daunting, though.

For great dating, make the first move and start with a light-hearted conversation. Be interested and do not touch those sensitive topics right off the bat. Sometimes, it helps to ask questions that require straightforward answers. Once you feel comfortable, you can start deeper conversations, too. Do not forget to spend some time analyzing your potential dating partner's profile. Review it carefully and then decide on the topics to have a meaningful conversation. If you are still confused, here are a few icebreakers to get you started.

5 Great Icebreaker Questions to Ask a Girl

5 Great Icebreaker Questions to Ask a Girl

When having a conversation with a girl you do not already know, proceed with questions that help make both of you feel a little less nervous. Questions that are simple and relaxed will encourage her to give meaningful answers and lead to dating success. For instance:

  1. Ask her if she is a cat or dog person. People love their pets and talk passionately about them. Usually, girls are either dog people or cat people, not both. Such questions always help break the tension, as girls love to talk about cuddly animals that purr and lick you with love. It is a great icebreaker on dating sites with an opportunity to talk further about pet breeds, names, etc.
  2. Ask about her favorite place in the world – and do not forget to ask why. This simple question is perfect for those who love traveling across the world. Checking her dating profile will also help you decide if she loves traveling or not.
  3. Ask questions about her inspiration in life. You can always ask about what she has read lately and what felt great about that.
  4. Ask about her favorite outfit. You can talk about it easily if you two are having a video chat. If not, you can still ask about her favorite outfits or what helps her make a style statement in general. Once she starts talking about it, do not forget to compliment her style and swagger.
  5. You can also ask about something meaningful someone could do for her. She will feel flattered knowing you care about her likes and dislikes. It also tells you more about how she defines "meaningful" and helps you decide where to take your dating game from there.
5 Great Icebreaker Questions to Ask a Guy

5 Great Icebreaker Questions to Ask a Guy

Online dating sites are helpful, but life is never a romantic comedy – not always, at least. Be ready to make a bit more effort to turn it into a smooth conversation, and these icebreaker questions will make online dating more exciting.

  1. Ask questions about his role models. It will help get the conversation going and give you a glimpse into his character and being. He will love to talk about it while giving you an indication of how those people helped carve out the foundation of who he is today.
  2. Ask about the love of his life. Your focus should be on inquiring more about his passion projects – something he would not mind doing for free. It also gives you an indication of what your potential dating partner does in his spare time.
  3. Ask about his bucket list. Whether he is a traveler or not, he will love to talk about what his plans are. Asking about it will help you determine how cultured and worldly your potential dating partner is.
  4. Ask about his favorite type of food. It is a simple question indeed but has the potential to start a deeper conversation. You may be more of a carnivore, so knowing if he is a hardcore vegan will help you down the road.
  5. Ask about what makes him laugh. Such questions help you learn about the type of sense of humor your potential partner has. You can figure if it is similar to yours or you two are poles apart.

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