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Benaughty Review

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About Benaughty

Benaughty is a dating site with different personals of single profiles of males and females on its platform. It is a dating site committed to different people seeking to start relationships, casual, hookups, or flirt. It is a dating site that allows erotic messages, just as the name implies.

Benaughty Overview

Benaughty is designed for the facilitation of sexual fantasies among personals of men and women. With millions of members worldwide on this dating platform, you can be confident of getting everything you want in online dating. You can enjoy the best dating experience on the site.

Pros of Benaughty

As one of the choicest sex dating site for personals of men and women, the dating site keeps welcoming new members every day because of its pros, which includes

It is designed and easy to use

App and site shares the same function

It can be used daily by a non-internet savvy individual

Cons of Benaughty

Everything that has an advantage must have a disadvantage. Regardless of the amazing pros of Benaughty, it comes with a certain disadvantage, which includes the following.

The app is available only to Android

There are certain restrictions for males with basic accounts as some messages cannot be read except for female members.

It doesn't allow for couples' sign-in

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Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is quite easy. New members seeking to build a relationship or seek a partner through Benaughty all begin with a sign-up process that requires your personal information. These details consist of where you are located, gender, your email address, and age. Benaughty and robots are a no, so it requires you to upload a clear picture of yourself, which must be of a community standard. However, to proceed to the next stage, Benaughty runs a check for your picture to avoid it contains no nude. Once passed, it provides you thousands of suggestions based on where you are located.

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Members and Profiles

Being one of the best sex dating platforms, Benaughty is home to millions of people seeking a relationship or hookup partner. The site boasts of over 120,000 active members every week. With over 500,000 thousand from the US, the male members have the highest gender proportion, with 60 percent, while the female has 40 percent. However, this sex dating site is opened to men and women of age to become members. Despite the low gender proportion of the female compared to the make, they are the most active and online in giving out activity requests. To begin surfing the sex dating site quickly, you may skip a lot of steps while signing up, and as a result of this, certain profiles do not carry detailed information. Each of the profile pictures of members allows a free view by any user.

benaughty safety


Different sex dating sites exist, and not one among them can be guaranteed of having total safety. However, Benaughty tries to ensure its users are protected from people who hide under pretenses to extort or carry out other unlawful acts. As other dating sites have this set of people on their platform, so does Benaughty. However, one of the effective security measures taken by this sex dating site is that every user undergoes the site's strict policy to upload their profile picture. Apart from this, to become a fully registered member of Benaughty, you will be required to carry out a verification process of the email address you provided while registering. Another amazing safety measure by this sex dating site is that users under pretense cannot upload an existing picture or picture on the platform as the site can easily detect it.

Benaughty Reviews

Being a sex dating site, Benaughty exposes you to a pretty active community of men and women ready for a relationship, hookup, or flirty. It is also an amazing community to meet amazing personals of friends. The dating experience on the site is unique, while messages keep flowing from both men and women. Different from another traditional way of starting a chat on other sex dating sites – Carly.

Your chances of getting more messages in your inbox are high for an individual with a decent, nice, and amazing look. The women on this platform get attracted to a decent and nice-looking personality, even in pictures – Tom.

Benaughty doesn't deal with the traditional way of starting a chat between two partners. Initiating a chat between you and anyone can begin the way you want it. Besides hi and hello, you can start a chat by sending erotic messages, asking for pictures or videos – Phil.

Cost and Prices

For Full Membership, the fee runs at 0.99 USD per day, 1.00 USD per Week, 28.80 USD per month, and 48.60 USD per 3 Months. That is 16.20 USD per Month. When compared to others, Benaughty is quite affordable for every user.

Free Features

Benaughty is a sex dating site with free features that will give you the best internet dating experience. When turned on, the basic model enables all users to prevent suspicious behavior members from sending messages. The full basic safe mode means you can receive messages from verified profiles only.

Paid Features

Certain features on the site make your surfing moments exceptional. These paid features allow you to send messages to them. It allows you to see a photo album of others, enables you to unlock the "looking for" dating information, allows you to see the user's location, and allows the sharing of videos and images.


Who owns

Together Network Limited. They are a team of dedicated owners determined to offer excellent dating online.

Is Benaughty Legit?

Yes, Benaughty is legit. You will find hundreds of real-life people looking for a relationship.

Is Benaughty safe?

Yes, it is. Chats and accounts are encrypted and protected.

Experts' Conclusion

It is the perfect sex dating site for women and men that are seeking to connect, either for hookups or relationships with no attached strings. Benaughty offers you the courage and will to build your potential naughty behavior in a naughty community.

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