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7 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Are the Best Boyfriends

7 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Are the Best Boyfriends

Most women will fall in love with the handsome over-confident playboy who treats them like an option. The bad-boy attitude and a hunk with women begging for his attention are what many ladies fantasize about. It is only on rare occasions that a girl will picture her dream guy wearing a pair of geeky glasses glued on to their computer, squashing computer bugs with ease.

Despite not being the common stereotype when discussing hot boyfriends, nerdy guys are attractive. Much like their gym-molded counterparts, nerdy guys are incredibly sexy and make amazing boyfriends.

If you have a problem with dating the wrong guys, you may be missing out on a great dating experience just because you are dismissing that dork who is into you.

Just so you know, here are some of the undercover perks of dating nerdy guys:

They Are Tech-Savvy

Did your laptop beep and show error codes that you can’t seem to wrap around your head? Are you unable to connect to your Wi-Fi? Your nerdy boyfriend will fix that faster than you can pick up your phone to call your technician.

Geeks are handy when it comes to solving hardware problems. They are in their element even in the most advanced technologies, saving you time, energy, and a whole load of cash.

They Are Funny

Nerdy jokes can be a little cheesy. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be spending a considerable time laughing at your boyfriend’s intelligent jokes. You can say goodbye to those lame inappropriate jokes by self-proclaimed comedians.

Do you find this unbelievable? Why again have we watched Big Bang Theory for the last 12 seasons?

They Are Passionate

Despite not being nerds, there are loads of passionate men out there. However, geeks take passion to the next level. If he is not obsessed with his favorite comic book, he may spend hours planning his hide and seek survival tactics on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

When given a chance at love, nerds put their heart into the relationship with the same passion. They care for their girlfriends and want to learn everything about them.

Do not be surprised when their passion rubs off on you. In a few months, you might be the next cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity expert, things that you never knew before you started dating.

They Are Not Superficial

If you peruse through a myriad of profiles on nerdy dating sites, you will notice that nerds are less superficial. They are not obsessed with your looks and are rarely turned-on by a pair of stilettos. Nerds are happy to be with you, will love you unconditionally, and will rarely obsess over makeup. They even think that your look sexy in your sweatpants.

Nerds Don’t Judge

If you love cheesy music or yell at fictional movie characters, you need to date a nerd. Nerds will less likely judge you because they also have their fair share of ‘embarrassing’ habits. If they’re not watching stupid movies, they’re pretending to listen to music on their headphones just so that no one talks to them.

Geeks offer a judgment-free zone where ladies can embrace their silly quirks and laugh about them.

Don’t Play Mind Games

Nerds never play mind games. Never will they ignore your texts or phone calls. Never will they pretend that they like you when they have no feelings for you.

Mind games are common with toxic people and men who are used to having women’s undivided attention. Since geeks are mostly over-looked by members of the opposite sex, they appreciate that you have chosen to love them and treat you with the respect you deserve.

They Are Interesting

The first thing most people fall in love with is your looks - it is only human nature. Physical attributes fade as we age, but intelligence only increases. As such, you can be sure that while dating a geek, you will never run out of interesting things to talk about.

Don’t let societal misconceptions of the ideal boyfriend deter you from dating a geek. You can find a cool, funny, and smart geek who will love and treat you right on one of the online nerdy dating sites. Besides, they are looking for you because every nerd has played a video game where they are the hero saving a princess in distress!

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