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10 Steps on How to Be More Attractive to Women

10 Steps on How to Be More Attractive to Women

According to the best dating sites, men need to improve their romance tactics by acting a little nicer and being presentable at all times. In this regard, there are several simple steps that gentlemen ought to consider to be more attractive to women.

Step 1: Have an Attractive Dating App Profile

Straightforward and well-organized profiles that exhume positive vibes like outgoing, smart, and creative tend to receive more attention from women. Moreover, mentioning professions, hobbies, favorite food, or chill spots also boosts your profile. Remember that it’s you against a thousand other online dating profiles. Therefore, your profile needs to be outstanding or unique and should avoid coming on too strong with words like “dinner” or “drinks.”

Step 2: Have Admirable Personality Traits

Being courteous to women and showing kindness makes a man more attractive, especially on online dating. A Chinese study showed that a good personality makes a man more attractive to their female counterparts. Most young participants considered either kind or humble people as more attractive than the evil and meant ones. Moreover, selfless people are great lovers, and those who do good are attractive.

Step 3: Make Her Laugh

Ladies are mostly attracted to humorous guys. Women not only tend to care about their ability to make their partners laugh but also their spouses’ sense of humor, and if that’s your strong point, lean on it. No lady would want to hang out with an ever-serious guy as such guys tend to be boring. If you can make her smile, then rest assured you are an extremely attractive guy to her.

Step 4: Visit a Dentist and Smile Less

As a man, you should look after your teeth by regularly visiting a dentist because well-aligned, white teeth enhance beauty. Slow-smiling guys are seen as more genuine and trustworthy, unlike the ever-smiling ones. Smile less and slowly but avoid putting on a serious face.

Step 5: Don’t Be Too Easy to Talk To

Playing hard to get will make you look alluring, and it will draw women close to you. Don’t be too needy; think about it, there is a reason why ladies prefer the bad guys. It makes you look mysterious, and ladies would want to know more about you.

Step 6: Strive for Maturity

Scientifically, women mature faster than men; hence, women tend to prefer older men as their ideal soul mates. Ladies perceive older men as more financially stable, mature, powerful, and confident. As ladies become more financially stable, they tend to pay more attention to older men because it brings about a sound sense of security.

Step 7: Wear a Sweet Cologne or Deodorant

Wearing perfume or cologne makes a man more attractive to a woman because it is proof of confidence. Women classify men wearing cologne as sexier, unlike those who don’t. Besides, good-smelling men are seen as neat and organized.

Step 8: Hit the Gym

Statistics from the top and best dating sites show that men who keep their bodies in shape are snacks for any woman. Findings from a study by the University of California indicate that men with less physique are easy to commit to women while more muscular ones were the best fit for casual hookups and flings. If you are less-masculine, update your online dating profile by posting sexier photos, women will love it.

Step 9: Wear Red and Improve Your Posture

Men that wear red clothes highly attract ladies more than other colors because red is seen as a sign of power and authority. The color of a man’s clothes can influence other people’s perception of his attractiveness. Since a good posture is a sign of confidence, women are more attracted to men who can stand up straight, unlike those that slouch. Improve your dress code and posture; this might be the reason why women find you not attractive.

Step 10: Grow Your Beards, Look Up, and Show Off Your Scars

Men with beards are seen as more mature and manly, making them stand out against the pack. Looking up gives a more defined jawline and assurance in your capabilities. Showing off your scars makes you look tougher, which is a bonus. Don’t be afraid of growing your beards, looking up, or showing off your scars, as this might drive women closer and like crazy.

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